Welcome fellow Darkling!
I am Kimea, your artsy dark Elf

As a traditional artist based in Switzerland, I work with pencil and fineliners only. Early on in my childhood, I developed a great interest in everything odd and unusual. I’ve always enjoyed drawing, and whilst I am mostly self-taught, I was lucky enough to have been raised by very creative and talented parents who have always accepted me for who I am and supported me as much as they possibly could.

At the end of 2016, I started studying psychology and sports science and got my Master’s degree in 2023. I am currently getting into the exciting field of tattooing, and in my free time I spend as much time as I can on improving my artistic skills and working on all sorts of art projects. Also, I try to attend as many conventions as I can in order to get in touch with people who vibe with my visions and ideas!

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